Not happy with the fuss over 3DMark 2003, NVIDIA have now also decided to go after the Omega Drivers, created by OmegaDrive. Here's a choice selection of his thoughts on the matter:

Right now I'm really p***** of at nvidia for that thing alone, first the cheats, then buying Futuremark's statement & now, take down 3rd party sets that help them by making their customers happy? What's wrong with them!? They think money can buy anything? They are in the wrong track, they just want to cover all that bad press that they have been receiving lately by buying trust, but TRUST is not something they can buy, is something they must EARN!

The full story's up here, suffice it to say he'll no longer be producing NVIDIA Omega Drivers, though his latest ATi Omega Drivers (Based on Catalyst 3.5) have been released now. Thanks HardOCP.