AMD's recent launch of its Radeon Software Crimson driver didn't exactly go as planned as a software bug caused video card fan speeds to drop to 20 percent and stay there for some users, even during intense gaming sessions.

The chipmaker has since released a hotfix to remedy the issue which you can pick up automatically through the Radeon Settings utility or manually download and install by clicking here.

Fan issues aside, AMD seems to be on the right track with its new software. As Tim explained at launch, the main addition is a redesigned driver utility that's now much easier to navigate thanks to an improved UI.

Team Nvidia also has a new set of drivers out today. The latest Game Ready driver, GeForce 359.06 WHQL, was developed specifically for Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six: Siege - both of which launched today. Nvidia says the new drivers feature Game Ready optimizations for Avalanche Studios' open-world, chaotic sandbox as well as Game Ready optimizations and an SLI profile for Ubisoft's tactical action game.

Fair or not, Rainbow Six: Siege will no doubt be overshadowed by the launch of Just Cause 3. The latter had a ton of hype behind it with breathtaking landscapes and some clever new tools like the wingsuit which, combined with the grapple hook, opens up all sorts of new possibilities to help traverse the game's islands.

You can pick up Nvidia's latest for Windows 10 by clicking here or grab it for Windows XP /7 / 8 right here.