Sony held its second annual PlayStation Experience event this past weekend in San Francisco, showcasing to the industry (and the public) what it has in store over the coming months.

With the company’s first-ever virtual reality headset slated to arrive sometime next year, this year’s PlayStation Experience served as the perfect place to showcase a handful of early VR games.

The trailer for Golem depicts a young girl wearing what appears to be VR goggles – so yeah, it looks like a VR game within a VR game. Rez Infinite, lauded by some as the best VR game of the bunch, is a remake of the original rail shooter from the early 2000s. If you suffer at all from motion sickness or epilepsy, this one might be worth avoiding as there’s a lot of fast-paced, nausea-inducing action going on at once.

Ace Combat 7 is a flight simulator game based on the original Ace Combat franchise that debuted way back in 1992. A title like this seems perfect for VR as you can freely look around the cockpit sans clumsy joysticks or other controls. This might be the game I’m most impressed with, at least based on the trailer.

Eagle Flight reminds me a lot of Pilotwings, the first of which I played on the Nintendo 64. In Eagle Flight, you assume the role of an eagle – free to fly around Paris some 50 years after humans have abandoned the city. While the purpose of the game wasn’t made clear, we do know that it’ll offer single and multiplayer modes.

Job Simulator is a quirky experience in which you tool around in an office environment. This seems like it’d be neat for all of five minutes. The same could be said about The Modern Zombie Taxi Co., a cartoonish game in which you drive zombies around town in a taxi. Think of it as Uber for the undead.

As you’ll no doubt conclude, many of the “games” amount to little more than tech demos of what’s possible in the VR world. That’s fine at this point, so long as pricing (assuming each project is developed into a full-on game) reflects this.