Despite lackluster growth, Twitter is perhaps the most in-the-moment social network of them all. Anytime something happens in the world (good or bad), you can be sure that droves of people will take to Twitter to voice their opinions, support or displeasure on the matter.

Twitter's annual year in review (#YearOnTwitter) highlights the moments that captivated the world over the course of 2015.

In the Most Influential category, the recent Paris terrorist attacks, support for marriage equality, the New Horizons mission and Caitlyn Jenner had the biggest impact across the world according to Twitter. Interestingly enough, Twitter didn't even exist when NASA launched the New Horizons probe in 2006. Jenner, meanwhile, set a new world record as being the fastest to reach one million followers, doing do in just four hours and three minutes.

The New Voices category is reserved for those that joined the microblogging site in 2015. Familiar names include Diana Ross, Chris Hemsworth, President Obama, Jeff Bezos, Edward Snowden and Steve Spurrier. Those racking up the most retweets include President Obama, Kanye West and One Direction member Harry Styles.

Last but not least is the Top Trends category, highlighting the most popular hashtags in music, TV, tech, news, politics, sports, pastimes and stars.

Twitter has set up a dedicated website for its 2015 year in review, supplemented with powerful imagery from image partner Getty Images.