Pandora is getting on the music personalization bandwagon with their new Thumbprint Radio stations. Announced today on the company blog, each person's Thumbprint station is created from all the songs they've given a thumbs up and similar songs added by Pandora. The company says that it is a "living, breathing station that will continue to change as you listen - each time you thumb up a track on Pandora, your station will update and evolve."

To get your own Thumbprint Radio station, you must have at least three stations with four thumbs up on each. Once you have it set up, share it with friends and it will continue to update as you give more thumbs up.

Pandora wants to be clear that this isn't just a playlist of the songs you've given a thumbs up. They want to think of it as a way to revisit favorites and meet songs they think you'll like (and, maybe, give a thumbs up.) If this sounds similar to Spotify's Discover Weekly feature, that's because it is. But given the success Spotify has had with music personalization (and others such as Apple Music and iHeartRadio) it's not shocking that Pandora wants to give it a try.