Battlefield 4 is well-known for containing several clever Easter eggs (remember the legendary Megalodon Easter egg that took gamers four months to find?). The latest egg, part of the new Dragon Valley map, is so complex that it's astounding it was discovered so quickly.

What's really impressive about this egg is that even if you know exactly how to do it, a randomization aspect means you'll need to complete the steps yourself (you can't simply jump to the end).

YouTube user JackFrags put together an excellent video outlining its discovery and the steps you'll need to take to replicate it to generate your own unique code to unlock the reward: an ultra-rare DICE LA camouflage skin previously reserved for the game's developers (and hackers, I suppose). Check the video above for full details on how to access it.

Given its complexity, one has to wonder exactly how this sort of thing gets discovered / solved in the first place. In this case, it looks like a lot of determination from the community (and a hint or two from Julian Manolov, the DICE developer behind many of Battlefield 4's Easter eggs). The toughest part, at least in my opinion, would be finding all of the hidden buttons (seriously, who would think to look inside a blown-up tree trunk?).

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