It took roughly four months of searching but the mythical Megalodon Easter egg in Battlefield 4 has finally been located. The clip below is spoiler-filled so if you'd rather keep searching on your own, it'd probably be best to turn away now.

The hunt for the prehistoric shark launched in December 2013 when YouTuber JackFrags posted a video explaining why he thought the Easter egg might exist. Specifically, he believed the shark was lurking in the waters of the Paracel Storm map but despite his best efforts and the efforts of others, it was never found.

This week's release of the Naval Strike DLC for Premium members delivered, among other things, a new map called Nansha Strike and the mythical Megalodon - likely in reaction to the Battlefield 4 community's search for it.

To activate the egg, simply gather 10 players around the buoy shown in the clip above and wait a moment.

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