In many ways 2015 was a year in which Apple laid the groundwork for what's to come. They had no problem selling phones or watches, or even Macs, but it was a transitional year nonetheless as the Apple Watch has yet to reach its true potential, the new iPhone 6s with 3D Touch are more showcase than true utility; iPad Pro? Meh. Apple TV continues to evolve but is still stuck as a set-top box. But with astronomical sales to prove everyone wrong, what's the rush?

#10 Apple Watch reviews hit the web, here's what everyone is saying

Apple Watch reviews hit the web and the general consensus is that it is the best smartwatch to date but considering the competition, that's not very telling.

#9 Apple reportedly in talks with BMW, considered BMW i3 for Apple Car

Apple had been eyeing BMW's i3 electric vehicle for its rumored Apple Car, but initial negotiations broke off, according to the German publication Manager Magazin.

#8 iOS 9 is now available, here's what reviewers are saying

Apple has pushed out the first public release of iOS 9 ahead of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch. This is a compilation of opinions from reviewers accross the web.

#7 These are the expensive adapters you need for the new single-port MacBook

Apple's new MacBook is so thin it can only accommodate a single USB Type-C connector for both charging and data throughput. You're gonna need adapters.

#6 These seven smartphones all have better cameras than the iPhone 6s

The new 12MP rear camera on the iPhone 6s is an improvement over last year's 8-megapixel unit. But several other rival phones are still better.

#5 Apple wins patent case that could affect future Samsung devices

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that Apple should've been awarded an injunction barring Samsung from selling products that infringe on its patents.

#4 12.9-inch iPad Pro detailed in full ahead of imminent launch

Apple prepares to release a new collection of iOS-powered devices, one of which turned out to be the rumored larger 'iPad Pro' with a 12.9-inch display (official announcement).

#3 Apple's 12" MacBook is all-new: Retina, fanless, full-sized keyboard, 1x USB-C port for everything

Apple unveils a reinvented MacBook that is thinner, more portable and certainly more minimalistic than the popular MacBook Air.

#2 Apple Watch event surprises: The real hit was a PC

Apple seemed to write off the importance of traditional personal computers a few years back, but at its Watch event, more people walked away talking about wanting a new notebook than they did a new watch.

#1 Apple's plans for an iPhone with DSLR-quality camera all but confirmed with LinX acquisition

Apple bought an Israeli-based firm that specializes in depth-sensing camera technology, speculation builds as to how and when its technology will appear on iPhones.