Half-Life 3 has yet to make a blip on the radar (and may very well never come to fruition). In its absence, die-hard followers have had to rely on fan-made mods and remakes for their fix. A new game called Prospekt fits squarely into this category albeit with one key difference: it has Valve's blessing.

Prospekt, created entirely by 25-year-old developer Richard Seabrook, is a sequel / expansion pack to Half-Life: Opposing Force (itself an expansion pack for the original Half-Life). The game picks up the story of U.S. Marine Adrian Shephard and is set in the Nova Prospekt prison as the events of Half-Life 2 unfold.

Seabrook originally created the game as a technical demo (job application) for Valve but it has since evolved into a full-on game. He says the title offers a substantial, highly polished and totally new addition to the Half-Life 2 universe. There will be 13 new levels to explore with fully-scripted puzzles and action sequences.

While it is a standalone game, it's obviously geared towards fans of the franchise that have played the original expansion. It must be pretty good as Valve has officially approved it to use the Half-Life 2 license and assets.

Those interested in giving Prospekt a try can pre-purchase it over on Stream. It's currently priced at $8.99 (10 percent off) and is slated to launch on February 11.