Back in September last year, Apple announced a partnership with high-fashion design house Hermes to produce a new Smartwatch. The Apple Watch Hermes went on sale a month later, but it's only available in a handful of Apple Stores, Hermes Boutiques, and high-end department stores. As of this Friday, however, anyone who wants to get their hands on the luxury timepiece can purchase one from and Hermes' website, according to Fashionista.

"Mark your calendars for this Friday, Jan. 22.," writes the fashion site. "Instead of having to visit a select boutique in a major city like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Miami for an Apple Watch Hermès, you'll be able to easily shop for one online at both and"

The device features a stainless steel Apple Watch, with Hermes providing straps that are made in its French tannery. The face itself uses Hermes typeface and will display the company's logo.

There is a variety of Apple Watch Hermes models and designs available, all placed toward the luxury end of the smartwatch range - which means they aren't cheap. Prices range from $1100 to $1500.

The cheapest device in the range, the Single Tour, is available for $1100 with either a 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch body. The traditional strap design comes in either fauve (brown) or noir (black) colors, with a Capucine (red) version available on the 38mm model.

Next is the $1250 Double Tour. This model features an extra long strap that can be wrapped around the wrist twice. It's only available in a 38mm stainless steel case but comes with two extra colors: Etain (gray) and Bleu Jean (blue).

At the top of the range is the $1500 Cuff. As this model's design is fairly large, it only comes with the 42mm case. The leather in the Cuff model has been adapted to allow the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor to stay in contact with the wrist. This version is only available in fauve.

Anyone who would like to buy one of the Hermes bands without the Apple watch is out of luck - the bands and watch will only be sold as a complete set, at least for the foreseeable future.

Hermes is another in a line of companies known for their high-end, luxury products that have moved into the smartwatch space. Tag Heuer's $1500 Android Wear device proved so popular that the firm had to ramp up production of the device, while Breitling released the $8900 Exospace B55, a smartwatch aimed firmly at those in the aviation industry.

Header image credit: TechCrunch