Netflix is fighting against unblockers and VPNs in hopes of cutting down piracy levels, but that's like trying to patch holes on a bucket filled with water. Patch one hole, the rest are still leaking. The leak in question today is called country-hopping, it's where Netflix users change their location so they can have access to different Netflix libraries. To help people on this quest, there's the global Netflix search engine (unofficial, of course) that will tell you where you should virtually reside to watch a particular movie.

As you probably already know, Netflix's library is very different depending on the region. The US traditionally has one of the best Netflix movie libraries, but now that Netflix has expanded to 130 additional countries there's sure to be something new US users can find elsewhere.

According to an interview with TorrentFreak, the "unofficial Netflix online Global Search" (uNoGS) was made by 'Brian' for his own use, but eventually, he put it online and (not surprisingly) it has attracted a lot of attention. We all know one of the most annoying things you can encounter in our new and improved world is searching for a movie on Netflix and not finding it. No, Netflix, I don't want to watch a related title!

The uNoGS isn't illegal itself (it's just a list, right?) but it treads into some dicey areas. Netflix is under pressure from copyright owners to tackle piracy by way of country-hopping, and uNoGS just makes that practice easier and more public. So if you're curious, check the directory out sooner than later.