Fans of the Resident Evil franchise have something to cheer about today as Capcom announced that three popular Resident Evil games are heading to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

Resident Evil arrived on the original PlayStation in 1996 and is considered by many to be the defining game in the survival horror genre. There have been numerous sequels, prequels, remakes, comics and full-length movies over the years. As of September 2013, the franchise had sold over 60 million units worldwide.

Last year, we learned that Capcom approved a remake of Resident Evil 2. This, of course, came after the release of the HD remake of the original earlier in the year. And in September, Capcom announced a new physical disc bundle for fans called the Origins Collection that includes remastered versions of the original game and the Resident Evil 0 prequel.

The fun gets started on March 29 with the arrival of Resident Evil 6 followed by Resident Evil 5 this summer. That leaves Resident Evil 4 to launch in the fall. Interestingly enough, Capcom elected not to release the titles in chronological order but I digress.

Capcom says all three games will be offered digitally for $19.99 each. Those in the Americas will also have the option to buy physical disc versions (people still do that, right?).