A global, universal language would solve a lot of communication problems but let's face it, that's not likely to happen. Mobile apps like Word Lens have really helped to bridge the gap but sometimes, you need a physical printout of a translated document. That's where Xerox comes in.

The company's new Easy Translator Service, which works with ConnectKey-enabled multi-function printers, allows users to scan a document in, select from one of more than 30 output languages and print out a translated version that retains the same formatting and layout as the original. This level of wizardry does come at a price, however.

The first 30 translated pages are free within 30 days of registering. After that, expect to pay $10 for every 10 pages translated or $50 for every 100 pages. There is also a packages that offers 10,000 pages of translation for $500.

But what if you don't have one of Xerox's fancy printers? No worries.

The service can also be utilized via mobile app (you take a picture of a document and upload it) and through a web portal. Using the web portal, you can select from a quick machine translation or pay extra for human translation services. The latter is broken down into three categories: express, professional and expert - each a bit more "professional" than the last.

As you may expect, pricing for human translation isn't cheap. If you need top-level translation, you'll be shelling out $0.35 per word.