Xerox adds instant document translation to select multi-function printers

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Mar 10, 2016
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  1. A global, universal language would solve a lot of communication problems but let's face it, that's not likely to happen. Mobile apps like Word Lens have really helped to bridge the gap but sometimes, you need a physical printout of a translated document. That's where Xerox comes in.

    The company's new Easy Translator Service, which works with ConnectKey-enabled multi-function printers, allows users to scan a document in, select from one of more than 30 output languages and print out a translated version that retains the same formatting and layout as the original. This level of wizardry does come at a price, however.

    The first 30 translated pages are free within 30 days of registering. After that, expect to pay $10 for every 10 pages translated or $50 for every 100 pages. There is also a packages that offers 10,000 pages of translation for $500.

    But what if you don't have one of Xerox's fancy printers? No worries.

    The service can also be utilized via mobile app (you take a picture of a document and upload it) and through a web portal. Using the web portal, you can select from a quick machine translation or pay extra for human translation services. The latter is broken down into three categories: express, professional and expert – each a bit more "professional" than the last.

    As you may expect, pricing for human translation isn't cheap. If you need top-level translation, you'll be shelling out $0.35 per word.

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  2. Technician

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    All your base are belong to us.
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  3. psycros

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    "Why should it go so well!?"
  4. Uncle Al

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    Translation of written documents at the rate of $1 per page is pretty darn reasonable, even in today's world of on line translations, etc. I doubt you could have somebody sit and do it for much less than that. The real test would be those documents that contain graphic's with images of words and have those translated as well. Xerox used to be THE leader in this segment of technology for a long time. Perhaps they are once again regaining their footing in the technical market ....
  5. Technician

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    it's 35 cents per word for the top service.
  6. Uncle Al

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    Wooo Hooooooo ... afraid I'm going to have to stick with Google and the old cut & paste!
  7. BSim500

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    LOL. I can just see it now : "Welcome to honorable new kitchen table. For maximum enjoyment of assembly, it is important to be mind of using screwdriver after testing for stable. Insert screw B into thick hole D and turn until user stops. For your personal safe, be sure to..."

    And please don't use these for medical purposes:-

    Nurse: "Hmm. That foreign doctor wants me to give him 30 kilograms of Valium..."
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  8. CharlieK

    CharlieK TS Rookie

    $0.35 per word, that is really cheap.
    I have to make a note of this service as it is great.

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