Philips has become the first manufacturer to launch a quantum dot monitor. The Philips 276E6 is a 27-inch IPS-ADS display with a quantum dot-enhanced LED edge array that's surprisingly affordable at just $299.99.

What the heck are quantum dots, anyway? For a quick briefer, you check out the video below or read David Tom's write-up from a few years back. Perhaps more important than learning what quantum dots are is understanding what they enable.

The Philips 276E6 features a 27-inch panel operating at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 at 60Hz. Like other IPS displays, it uses an LED backlight but that's where the similarities end as the quantum dot technology allows for a quoted 99 percent Adobe RGB gamut.

Digital Trends recently spent some time with the new monitor. The publication found the aesthetics refreshing but noted the flimsy stand that only adjusts for tilt, the lack of a VESA mounting kit and plastic panels that "bend in places they really shouldn't." That said, they didn't feel it was built for the long haul.

The real draw of the Philips 276E6 is, of course, the display. In that category, the publication found color accuracy and gamut were far better than what they're used to in this price range. The three-year warrant is also a plus but the 1080p resolution at a time when we're transitioning to higher-resolution displays is a bit of a disappointment.

If you're on a budget and need a very color accurate display, however, this will be hard to beat for the price.