3D printers have dropped considerably in price since their consumer debut several years back. Even still, their unfamiliarity can be intimidating to the average Joe while their general bulkiness doesn't exactly make them easy to transport.

Now, there's a solution that looks to solve both of those potential buying barriers. It's called OLO and according to its creator, it's the first-ever smartphone 3D printer.

Your smartphone isn't just for setting up the print job – it's actively involved in the printing process as the OLO uses the light from your phone's screen to help it along. OLO works with virtually any smartphone (max 5.8-inch screen) and offers companion apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

OLO 3D Inc. says users can select objects to print from its own library, grab designs from the Internet or use any 3D app including 3D scanning to make your own. There are different resins for different jobs and you can even print multiple items simultaneously. Given its small footprint, you will of course be limited to how large of items the 3D printer can turn out.

The OLO printer is being offered via Kickstarter. With 27 days to go, the campaign has already obliterated its goal of $80,000 with well over half a million dollars pledged thus far. All of the early bird specials have already been spoken for so you'll need to throw down a minimum of $99 to secure your "order." The company expects to ship its 3D printers this September.