A new series of photos purportedly showcasing a Nintendo NX controller have hit the web. While their authenticity hasn't been confirmed, they were at least shot with a decent camera and appear to lend some credibility to an earlier leaked image of lesser quality.

Unfortunately, the new images are of the controller with the integrated display not active.

The leaker, a Reddit user by the name of perkele37, claims this is the controller unit from a dev kit. As such, it may not represent the final design Nintendo ends up shipping to consumers.

The mysterious Redditor also notes that only the upper "nubs" of the thumbsticks move. The bottom part is described as static but that it moves along the bottom "sphere." We are also told that the rollers on the top of the controller (they're kind of hard to see in the photos) feel and look pretty much identical to a scroll wheel found on a mouse. The controller is said to have haptic feedback that's more akin to Apple's taptic engine than, say, a rumble pack.

Reddit members quickly got to work dissecting the photos. The keyboard layout from the computer in one of the pictures is said to be Swedish. Oh, and see that reflection of a tree on the base of the monitor / TV? Yeah, some people are convinced it's a tree in front of Massive Entertainment.

So, what do you think? Is this the real deal or a very clever fake?