Making time for the gym isn't easy. Sure, you could use home workout videos, but they're just not as good and often can't reproduce a full range of exercises. There's always the home multi gym option; assuming you have a massive amount of room and quite a bit of money. But now, a Hong Kong-based startup has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a home gym that's compact, affordable, and comes with a ton of connected features.

Move It, the all-in-one gym from Eggplant Technologies, has already blasted past its $30,000 target on Indiegogo. With a month still left, current funding stands at $52,783 from 238 backers. Looking at the system, you can see why it's proving so popular.

When fully assembled, the kit measures around 40cm tall, 38cm wide, 21cm deep and weighs about 5kg (11 pounds), meaning it can inconspicuously sit in the corner of a room when not in use, and you'll easily be able to carry it to any room in the house.

The system consists of four pieces of exercise equipment: pushup handles, an ab wheel, a resistance band, and a jump rope, allowing for a good combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises.

The 'smart' part of Move It are the interchangeable handles that plug into each piece of equipment. These feature gyroscopes, pressure sensors, Bluetooth, and infrared sensors that can detect not only which part of Move It you're using, but also the type of exercise being performed, such as wide or narrow grip pushups.

All the information feeds back to the app, which provides feedback on form, calories, burned, and number of reps performed. It can also recommend different live and pre-recorded workouts to follow along to. These vary in difficulty, but the app will pick ones based on how it rates a user's abilities.

One of the system's most interesting elements looks to be its social features. For many people, the solidarity that comes with working out at home can put them off the idea of exercise, but the Move It app can help with this problem. With it, you're able to see which of your friends have worked out, and the app challenges you to outperform them within a set time limit. "You can be ranked on a leaderboard with them, and you can poke your friends and set them goals too," said Ivan Ho, Move It's CEO and co-founder.

Move It seems to hit that sweet spot of providing enough exercise options for a full workout session while not being bulky or too pricey. The fact that it makes exercising at home pretty enjoyable and the connectivity features are more than just gimmicks is a big plus, too.

Move It is available to preorder for $169 on Indiegogo right now, with an estimated shipping date of August. If you wait until it hits the market, expect to pay $229.