Financing for a live-action, sci-fi thriller based on the popular puzzle game Tetris has been secured and the project will move ahead as scheduled… as a trilogy.

Tetris The Movie now has an $80 million budget and is being co-produced under Threshold Global Studios, a new studio formed by Larry Kasanoff’s Threshold Entertainment Group and Bruno Wu’s Seven Star Works. Kasanoff’s Threshold Entertainment is a major industry player, having made more than 250 films including Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Mortal Kombat and True Lies, just to name a few.

The movie will be filmed in China and other locations starting next year with a Chinese cast. Kasanoff and Wu will serve as co-producers according to Deadline. Kasanoff told the publication that the film is not at all what you think and that it’ll be a cool surprise.

Threshold Entertainment said in late 2014 that it planned on making a live-action movie based on the popular puzzler. At the time, it seemed absurd to think that a game without a story and characters would even be considered for a film adaptation but in the wake of news that Centipede and Missile Command are also being made into movies, I suppose it is par for the course.

Bringing hit games to the big screen is a practice that’s become commonplace as of late. The Angry Birds Movie hits theaters later this week and will be followed by Warcraft on June 10 and Assassin’s Creed which will be released on December 21.