Poll members of the tech and gaming press about their experiences with trade shows like the Consumer Electronics Show or the Electronic Entertainment Expo and you’ll likely hear one of two things – either it’s an amazing time shared with industry friends or it’s a dreadful, work-filled week (I say “week” because there’s more to covering a trade show than just the advertised three or four days of the actual show).

Whatever the outlook, the one thing that media, analysts and so forth have in common is that they can actually get into these events. The general public – even the biggest of super fans – are denied admission to these industry-only gatherings. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil as the shows are crowded enough as-is.

With E3 just around the corner, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) on Monday announced a new public event specifically for gaming fans. It’s called E3 Live and it runs concurrently with the core E3 event in Los Angeles from June 14-16.

Attendees will have the opportunity to play new games, compete in various competitions, take in live music and interact with some of their favorite developers. A full list of companies and celebrities participating in the event is pending although as of writing, we know that Alienware, Facebook / Oculus, Frito-Lay, HTC Vive, Loot Crate, Monster, Twitch, Ubisoft and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment will all be involved.

Although this is a ticketed event, it’ll be completely free to attend. Tickets are limited and the ESA is expecting a sellout so if you’re interested in going, I’d recommend grabbing your tickets ASAP.