At Computex we often see a huge collection of expensive new hardware, such as Intel's $1,700 enthusiast CPU and Macbook competitors from Asus, but it can sometimes be the little tools and handy gadgets that interest the most.

EVGA, for example, is showing off a new tool for system builders that aims to improve graphics card power cable management. If you've ever built a PC with a modern graphics card inside, you'll know that the location of the PCIe power connectors along the top edge of the card can present interesting challenges for cable management, particularly if you want a really clean and attractive look.

This tool moves the PCIe power connectors to the bottom rear of the graphics card, allowing system builders to easily route the cables to the card over a much shorter distance. This creates a much cleaner look inside the case, and there's even a light-up EVGA logo on the tool to add some visual interest.

The downside to this little gadget is that it's specifically built to be used with EVGA graphics cards, as you might expect, so it's compatibility with cards from other vendors is limited. It's also not clear whether the tool will be bundled with certain graphics cards, or sold as a standalone product.

Image via Tom's Hardware