Have you got an impressive Steam level? The number is based on the amount of titles in your library, crafting badges, and participation in Steam events. Leveling up isn't easy - the average user is somewhere between 7 and 12 - so imagine what it took for one member to reach 1046 1058 1070.

PalmDesert, a 35-year old man from Japan, managed to get the incredibly high rating by owning 5132 games. That's a huge chunk of the 9500+ titles and DLC packs found on Steam. He was the first person to reach level 1000, a feat Valve wasn't prepared for - the company hadn't even created an icon for the achievement at the time.

You would think that owning so many games would mean that PalmDesert hasn't invested a lot of time into any particular title, but he's already clocked up over 500 hours on games like Rocksmith 2014, Left 4 Dead 2, and Ultra Street Fighter IV. He hasn't actually played over half his Steam library - not a unique achievement - but he's still spent 11,555 hours on his pastime.

PalmDesert does get a lot of help building his game collection from other users. He's received hundreds of titles as free gifts from people who want to see how high they can get his Steam level. He's also quite frugal when it comes to making purchases of his own: he bought the majority of his games for $1 - $10.

Buying and selling trading cards and badges goes a long way toward increasing a user's Steam level. With 500,000 Steam market transactions, it's no surprise PalmDesert boasts the platform's highest ranking. His closest competitor, StrikeR, is at level 993 1033.