Nintendo yesterday unveiled a mini replica of its original Nintendo Entertainment System that'll go on sale later this year. The pint-sized machine is small enough to fit in your hand - and maybe your pocket - but new information has emerged that may make you think twice if you were considering buying it.

If you recall, the NES Classic comes pre-loaded with 30 of the greatest games ever made for the iconic system. As it turns out, that's as many games as you'll ever be able to play on the machine.

When probed by Kotaku, a Nintendo representative said the console is a standalone device and thus, can't connect to any external storage device to load additional games. That said, it's also unable to connect to the Internet for the same purpose (or for any other reason).

The Nintendo rep also confirmed that the cartridge chamber where you'd normally slide a game into isn't functional as the lid itself does not open.

The revelations will no doubt bum some people out but there's reason to remain positive. When asked if there were plans for other mini consoles, like a mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System or a mini Nintendo 64, the rep said they had nothing to announce at this time. If they weren't planning to launch additional consoles, a simple "no" would have sufficed - at least, in my mind.

If priced similarly (the NES Classic will command $59.99), would you be interested in a mini version of Nintendo's other consoles? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments section below.