The argument over which is "better," iPhones or Android devices, has raged on for a long time. Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice, but it seems we now know which one the military prefers; a report from claims the United States Army's Special Operations Command is switching from Android to Apple.

According to an army source who is "not authorized to speak to the media," the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAC) - a system that enables unique military capabilities on smartphones and links devices to a connected radio network - isn't very reliable. It apparently lags, freezes, and requires restarts often, whereas the iPhone 6s offers a much faster and smoother experience.

The Special Operations division noted the improvement when running a split screen view of a drone's live feed and a map showing its route on the latest Apple smartphone. "It's seamless on the iPhone. The graphics are clear, unbelievable."

It's not known exactly which Android device the Special Operations Command forces were using, though it's suspected to be some version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is used by another division of the military. If it's the original 2010 device or Note II then you can see why they want to upgrade.

Should ATAC become iTAC, it won't be the first time that the Cupertino company's products have made their way into the armed services. Back in 2010, the army handed out iPod touch devices to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan equipped with apps to help them learn local dialects.