Bad news to start the week for Final Fantasy fans as Square Enix has revealed that Final Fantasy XV will miss its original September 30 release date.

Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV, revealed the news in a YouTube video published Monday.

In the clip, Tabata said they recently completed the master version of the game and are creating a gameplay video roughly half an hour in length based on it that’ll be released tomorrow (August 16).

Tabata added that their objective with the project was to deliver a Final Fantasy game of the highest possible quality. Unfortunately, with regard to that high level of quality, the team felt in retrospect that the master version was lacking.

To remedy the shortcomings, Tabata said they’ve been working on a day-one patch but they eventually came to realize that not all players – like those without an Internet connection, for example – would be able to apply the patch from the get-go.

The patch in question is said to have some pretty substantial content and without it, it’s one step away from the quality they strive for. Delivering the master version they have now to gamers on launch day, Tabata came to realize, might be a mistake.

All things considered, they need a little more time to polish up the master version which of course translates to a delay. Rather than September 30, Final Fantasy XV will now launch on November 29. The game that goes on sale that day will include everything that was scheduled to be in the day-one patch was well as some additional content, we’re told.

The only thing worse than a delay is a game that ships in an incomplete state. Waiting an extra two months will no doubt suck for diehard Final Fantasy fans but it sounds like a fair compromise in this instance.