There’s long been a fascination in the gaming community to see classics like Super Mario Bros. recreated in 3D. It’s been done, mind you, but never quite like this.

Indie developer Andrew Peterson has developed an emulator called N3S that lets users play select Nintendo classics using a Microsoft HoloLens. Based on the Nestopia UE Liberator Core, it’s far from complete (currently in an alpha stage) and it won’t run most games at full speed but it’s immensely cool nevertheless.

As you can see, the emulator allows for room-scale gameplay that can be viewed from any angle (even from behind), giving classics like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and Tetris an eerie yet familiar feel.

Planned features for the future include audio emulation, save states, a built-in voxel editor and a file repository that can be downloaded automatically by an app.

Peterson has published the source code for his project over on GitHub for anyone that wants to tinker around with it.

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