Like many extremely popular mobile games that came before it, Pokémon Go has started to lose its appeal less than two months after its release. According to data shown to Bloomberg, the game quickly ballooned out to 45 million daily active users in mid-July, before shedding more than 10 million users in the month that followed.

Engagement with Pokémon Go in general is on a downward trend, with data from Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey, and Apptopia showing that key metrics like downloads and time spent on the app per day are "all well off their peaks". The declines are expected to continue as casual mobile gamers lose interest in catching Pokémon.

Other major mobile app companies like Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook are welcoming the news, as Pokémon Go was apparently stealing their spotlight. During the past month, users were reportedly playing Pokémon Go so much that other apps were losing users and screen time, which wasn't making investors particularly happy.

With a limited and tough progression system outside the first dozen levels, Pokémon Go was unlikely to captivate mobile gamers for more than a few months. The game will end up following a popularity trend similar to other widely played mobile titles - Fallout Shelter being one recent example - where daily active users peak quite early before retreating to a much lower, but more dedicated fan base.

A declining user base isn't stopping developer Niantic from continuing to improve Pokémon Go. New versions of the game are being released on a regular basis, tweaking the gameplay and adding new features, with "several new and exciting features to come in the future." If you want to try the latest version you can download it for Android right here.