Many charging cables are flimsy and prone to breaking. The Zus Kevlar Cable bucks that trend: it's reinforced with the same material used in bulletproof vests, meaning it's guaranteed to be durable and reliable.

Available in Lightning, MicroUSB, and USB-C variants, the Zus Kevlar Cable is on sale starting at $16.99. These cables last over twice as long as the rest of the competition. They can bend over 15,000 times without any wear and tear, and they're backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Zus Cable by Nonda is also engineered to resist tangles thanks to their nylon braiding. Plus, they feature a 90 degree plug, making them easy to plug into tight spaces. Designed for durability and convenience, these cables are a great charging solution for your Android and iOS devices. For a limited time, the Zus Kevlar Cables are on sale starting at $16.99, courtesy of the TechSpot Store.