If you’re a fan of 1997 first-person shooter Shadow Warrior or its 2013 remake, then you’ll probably know that a long-awaited sequel is on the horizon. Shadow Warrior 2 sees the return of Lo Wang – get it? – for more brutal demon murdering interspersed with Duke Nukem-style quips.

Created by Indie developer Flying Wild Hog and published by Devolver Digital, SW2 arrives on the PC in just over one month’s time, October 13. In a reversal of the common trend, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game isn’t launching until sometime next year.

A new and very stylish trailer for Shadow Warrior 2 has just been released, showing off Wang’s archery skills and his allies’ ability to take selfies while decapitating bad guys.

As you can tell from the clips, there’s plenty of over the top gore and blood splattering in the game. The advanced damage system lets you create precise cuts on enemies with slashing weapons, as well as being able to hack off their limbs/heads, naturally.

With its procedurally generated environments, huge number of weapons with various status effects and gem sockets, loot, customizable armor, and different play styles, Shadow Warrior 2 mixes elements of Doom, Borderlands, Diablo, and Bulletstorm. Plus, there’s a four-player online co-op campaign mode, which sounds like it could be great fun.

Shadow Warrior 2 will cost $40 when released on Steam, GOG, and Humble. There’s also a $50 deluxe edition that comes with the soundtrack, a digital book, and a pack of three gold skins. If you pre-order or own one of Flying Wild Hog's other games - the 2013 Shadow Warrior or Hard Reset Redux - you'll get ten percent off the price.

Check out 20 minutes of Shadow Warrior 2, courtesy of PC Gamer, in the video below.