Twitter is finally about to upgrade their signature 140 character limit to make it more user friendly. Starting from September 19th, the service will no longer count a number of items in the character limit, according to information from The Verge.

The changes will see media attachments - including images, GIFs, polls, videos and more - removed from the character limit. This will allow users to post an image alongside a full 140 characters. Usernames will also no longer count towards the limit, which Twitter says will make it easier to message many users at once without "penny-pinching your words."

The plans to loosen the character limit have been in the works since May, however when Twitter first announced the changes, the company didn't specify when they'd be implemented. Even now, the company is keeping quiet on upcoming improvements to the service, although The Verge's information on the character limit comes from "two sources familiar with the company's business."

Twitter has considered increasing the character limit well beyond 140, which would have allowed users to post full-blown essays on the service, however it appears as though the company has wound back these plans in recent months. Hopefully Twitter resists the urge to increase the limit significantly, as part of the charm of Twitter is its short, snappy messages.