LinkedIn said on Wednesday that police in the Czech Republic recently arrested a man allegedly responsible for the 2012 hack on the business social network that resulted in over 117 million members' email and password combinations posted online.

Acting on behalf of the FBI and Interpol, authorities arrested 29-year-old Russian citizen, Yevgeniy N, on October 5 in Prague after Interpol issued a Red Notice against him - indicating he is wanted for extradition. He is also suspected of attacks on other US websites.

"Following the 2012 breach of LinkedIn member information, we have remained actively involved with the FBI's case to pursue those responsible," LinkedIn representatives said in a statement. "We are thankful for the hard work and dedication of the FBI in its efforts to locate and capture the parties believed to be responsible for this criminal activity."

Video footage (below) shows police arresting the alleged hacker in a restaurant located within a Prague hotel. He had driven a luxury car into the city and was traveling with his girlfriend. The suspect didn't resist arrest but had to be taken to hospital for a short stay after he collapsed due to an undisclosed medical condition. He is currently in a Czech jail.

Two days after the arrest, the US publicly accused Russia of being behind high-profile attacks on government organizations, including the Democratic National Committee hack. It's unclear if his apprehension influenced the US Intelligence agencies' statement.

Yevgeniy N isn't connected to the recent breaches but he may be extradited to the US, something that Russia is apparently trying to block.