If you're trying to cut down on messy charging cables and make your life easier, getting a wireless charger is a step in the right direction. The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is now just $18.99, marked down from the regular $49.99.

Featuring Qi inductive charging technology, this practical and sleek charger can juice your Galaxy smartphones and other Qi-compatible devices without having to plug them into a wall socket or USB port. Simply rest your device on the charging pad and forget about it until you need to go.

The charging pad is compatible with all Samsung Qi-enabled devices including the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 series, the Galaxy Note 5, and older devices like the S4 and S5, but those require the optional wireless charging battery covers.

As a side note, we have a couple of Galaxy S7 owners in our staff and we swear by these, not having to plug in your phone every day but simply rest it on your work desk or nightstand is a godsend. Which is why we should also bring up that there's a fast charging version of the pad, it's not discounted but also very recommended.

Get the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad for just $18.99 with free shipping to the Continental US included at the TechSpot Store, or the fast charging version on Amazon for $42.