Ever since it first launched, GTA Online has had a problem with people using various hacks and mods to build up huge sums of money, and Rockstar's had enough. The company has started resetting the bank accounts of players with "illegitimately gained in-game money," which in some cases amounts to trillions of virtual dollars.

A number of cheaters were distraught to find that Rockstar had sent them the following message: "We have determined that your account illegitimately gained in-game money via mods, cheats, or other actions. We've adjusted your account and updated your balance." One person tweeted that almost $118 trillion dollars had been removed from his account.

Even players that avoided using hacks and mods to increase their money have been affected. People who exploited in-game glitches to generate cash also found their balances were showing zero.

It's been reported that cheater accounts containing smaller amounts of cash seem less likely to be targeted by Rockstar, though this could change as time goes on.

In addition to removing the ill-gotten gains, Rockstar has updated GTA Online's banning and suspension policy. Now, whenever a player is temporarily banned from the game, their characters, progress, property, and inventory will be reset.

Additionally, the company has revised its "three strikes" rule for repeat offenders. Anyone who receives just two suspensions from the game will now be permanently banned.

While Rockstar's actions are unlikely to see an end to all forms of cheating in GTA Online, their severity should make people think twice about taking the quick and easy path.