Intel's Shooting Star drones made an appearance tonight at the Super Bowl's halftime show helping Lady Gaga set the stage for the rest of her show. In total 300 of the tiny drones (all controlled by a single machine) were used. Last year Intel broke the world record by flying 500 synchronized drones in Sydney (more details about that below, in our original story from last November). Since then the Shooting Star drones were also showcased in Disney during the holidays for a colorful fireworks-like aerial show.

As a side note, while the drones did perform above the stadium, the actual show was not live during the Super Bowl's halftime. Due to aviation restrictions in the area surrounding the NRG Stadium and rules that forbid drones from hovering high in the sky right above a crowd, this part of the show was pre-recorded days prior but broadcasted as if was happening as the show took place.  

Pyrotechnicians have been captivating audiences with dazzling fireworks displays for centuries. The art and science of firework making dates back to 7th century China but chipmaker Intel is hoping that technology can lend a hand in creating awe-inspiring aerial displays of the future.

While others seem dead-set on using aerial drones for delivery-based tasks, Intel is experimenting with using them to put on stunning fireworks-like performances. After setting a record last year by putting 100 drones in the sky (all of which were controlled by a single operator), Intel recently broke its own record by using 500 drones simultaneous during a light show (again, all run by a single person).

As you can see, the small Shooting Star drones can be used to create displays that simply aren’t possible with traditional fireworks. What they lack in terms of loud screaming and screeching, they more than make up for in sheer flexibility. Intel says they can travel at speeds of up to 22 miles per hour, even in light rain (conditions that might ruin a traditional fireworks presentation).

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