Creating apps for Windows platforms involves working with the .NET framework. The Microsoft .NET 4.5 Programming with HTML5 can help you become a .NET savant and get your coding career off the ground.

Across 37 lessons, this training will have you mastering Windows programming inside and out. You’ll start with the basics, learning how to code with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Once you have a solid grasp on the fundamentals, you’ll move on to advanced .NET programming.

Currently discounted over 90% off, you can get the Microsoft .NET 4.5 Programming with HTML5 training for only $49. You’ll get your hands dirty coding with each of these tools, and you’ll learn what goes into building a website from the ground up. With extra quizzes and practice exams at your disposal, you can easily refine your skills and track your progress as you make your way through the entire curriculum.