Google's ambitions as a smartphone manufacturer are apparently off to a good start. According to a report from Fiercewireless, Google's first device accounts for 7.5% of new activations at Verizon during the last month --- not bad considering the Pixel and Pixel XL are priced $650 and up.

After reviewing the device last month we came out convinced it's one of the best Android smartphones you can buy. The Pixel and Pixel XL both retain the Nexus' great Android software experience with no bloatware, a clean interface, and fast software updates. Add in compelling exclusive features like Google Assistant, excellent camera performance and a load of optimizations for the specific hardware in the Pixel phones, and the overall package is simply better than any other Android device on the market.

If you've been on the fence about your next smartphone upgrade, you might be interested to know you can score a good deal on Google's smartphone for Black Friday --- so long as you're okay to being attached to a Verizon contract for two years. Right now the Google Pixel or Pixel XL with 32GB of storage are available for $240 from the carrier while the Pixel or Pixel XL with 128GB of storage can be had for $360.

The catch is that you have to pay $650 upfront and the price difference will be deducted from your monthly bill at equal portions throughout the two-year contract.

Normally, the 32GB Pixel costs $27.08 per month, with a full a retail price of $649.99. The 128GB version clocks in at $31.24 per month, or $749.99.

Google is also cutting the price of Chromecast and Google Home at select retailers. Right now the company's Home assistant is available for $99 (normally $129), while the non-Ultra varian of the Chromecast is down to $25 at Staples and Target (normally $35).