AMD is set to give a public demonstration of their upcoming Zen CPU on December 13th, when they'll host a live-streamed web event called 'New Horizon' that will show off the processor's gaming capabilities.

New Horizon will be hosted by well-known video game presenter Geoff Keighley, and will feature e-sports pro-gamer PPD from Evil Geniuses. AMD also says the event will include special guest appearances and giveaways, so there could be a few extra incentives to tune in from 3pm CST, aside from seeing Zen in action of course.

As this event is mostly focused on the general gaming public, it's unlikely that we'll get any detailed specifications or benchmarks of Zen. Those details will become available closer to launch, which AMD says is scheduled for Q1 2017.

Leaked benchmarks have revealed promising performance for Zen, which is AMD's first major revamp of their processor line in years. One test showed Zen performing in-line with Intel's 8- and 10-core Xeon processors, while another benchmark indicated performance from an 8-core Zen CPU was roughly in line with Intel's 6-core Skylake processors.

If AMD can achieve a decent level of performance from Zen while competing with Intel's prices, we may finally have some competition in the CPU space once more.