AMD 'New Horizon' event will preview Zen on December 13th

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Nov 29, 2016
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  1. AMD is set to give a public demonstration of their upcoming Zen CPU on December 13th, when they'll host a live-streamed web event called 'New Horizon' that will show off the processor's gaming capabilities.

    New Horizon will be hosted by well-known video game presenter Geoff Keighley, and will feature e-sports pro-gamer PPD from Evil Geniuses. AMD also says the event will include special guest appearances and giveaways, so there could be a few extra incentives to tune in from 3pm CST, aside from seeing Zen in action of course.

    As this event is mostly focused on the general gaming public, it's unlikely that we'll get any detailed specifications or benchmarks of Zen. Those details will become available closer to launch, which AMD says is scheduled for Q1 2017.

    Leaked benchmarks have revealed promising performance for Zen, which is AMD's first major revamp of their processor line in years. One test showed Zen performing in-line with Intel's 8- and 10-core Xeon processors, while another benchmark indicated performance from an 8-core Zen CPU was roughly in line with Intel's 6-core Skylake processors.

    If AMD can achieve a decent level of performance from Zen while competing with Intel's prices, we may finally have some competition in the CPU space once more.

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  2. Kunming

    Kunming TS Maniac Posts: 308   +184

    I'm sure that whatever the result, it's named Zen so that AMD will achieve peace of mind regardless. Even if it's peace of mind about being behind.
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  3. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 2,104   +1,280

    Looks like the Hype train is building steam. Hopefully AMD can actually live up to it this time.
  4. Kenrick

    Kenrick TS Evangelist Posts: 570   +372

    Hopefully they can deliver. That bulldozer hype left me a bad taste in my mouth for AMD.
  5. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,725   +3,699

    That's an understatement. They have been working on Zen for years. I've almost grown tired of waiting for competition against Intel, since the first promotions of Zen.
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  6. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    Then Intel throws Kaby lake in our faces and suddenly everybody's saying "AMD Zen? Never heard of it and even if I did, I can't remember it". Although Kaby Lake is probably not going to be much of an upgrade from Skylake which wasn't much of an upgrade from Haswell apart from DDR4 support etc.
    If AMD can ever regain the lustre it enjoyed in it's Athlon days, it's still going to take a very long time. Bulldozer wasn't a good architecture and AMD stuck with it for far too long.
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  7. EEatGDL

    EEatGDL TS Evangelist Posts: 568   +241

    1. Without the workaround mentioned in the comments there, it is at the level of a 6900K. Right now they have an errata that when using a workaround through BIOS the cores are loosing 30-40% performance.
    2. Those are Broadwell-E processors. I understand the confusion due to the "6" in the model name.

    <rant>Why would anyone do that? Another generation of less than 10% performance gain at high prices? Bulldozer is completely ignored for high end PCs because it can barely manage to compete against an Intel [SMT] quad-core while using 8 CMT cores. If AMD's Zen can compete clock per clock, core per core against Intel, at half the price... it would be insane/stubborn to choose Intel; and that is coming from an Intel employee with discounts on CPUs. Markets where there is no money to spill, like most of Latin America, will go for value any day.
    A friend of mine who bought a Skylake Core i3 + GTX 1060 combo can't get Gears 4 to ultra due to terrible performance [reported in the review here too] scaling, with BF 1 also bottlenecking the i3. Solution? Buy a much more expensive i5/i7 to get the most of your GPU in those brand new titles. Or... people in the future can go for the AMD SR3 if it comes near the Core i7 performance, at an i3 price level.

    Intel has stagnated and slowly killed the market single-handedly. Techspot scores are a testimony of that, there's no denial. It has been a downhill path after Sandy Bridge; improvements in graphics no one cares outside of notebooks, mostly. And that path seems to not be changing until probably Coffee Lake introducing 6-cores mainstream. Why Intel is comfortable with its quad-cores? Because its interconnection sucks and doesn't scale well, at all; not for nothing Google and other companies are joining forces to focus in a superior core-interconnect.
    Intel will use words like "optimal performance, diminishing returns, etc" instead of focusing for the last 6 generations on working on the interconnection and scalability. Why am I asking for more cores in the mainstream segment? Because we all eventually benefit from a lower price per core and simply because people without technical understanding -a great chunk of the market- look at numbers, and they want to see bigger numbers all the time. Why do you want an eight-core in your smartphone? "I don't know, but sure as hell is better than my previous quad-core". They keep seeing similar frequencies and core counts and they keep skipping generations, thus contributing to the trend of ever decreasing PC sales; but hey the GPU market isn't affected by that symptom because both numbers in the spec sheet and performance have a tangible difference!!

    Just my two cents.</rant>
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  8. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 1,930   +758

    AMD absolutely has to compete on price, IMO. Back in the day when they were on top, what they did was to price their flagship procs at $999 - which was way more than what Intel was selling their flagships for. In this day and age, Intel has continued to price their flagships outrageously, IMO, especially since performance of those procs is barely above the models that sell for 50 or 75 percent of the price of their flagships. I highly doubt that Zen will sell as well if there is price parity between it and the current Intel flagships.

    While following one of the links in the comments, I noticed this story that states that the price of the flagship Zen proc will be $499.00 AND it will outperform the i7 5960X that is priced at $999.00

    But don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. :D

    IF that is the case, then my bet is it will be difficult to get Zen procs because they will sell outrageously well, and in the not-too-distant-future, we will see Intel dropping their crazy prices.
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  9. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 2,104   +1,280

    That's the rumored pricing and yeah, if true (and they have good IPC) you likely won't be able to find one. Not to mention that AMD's new CPU cooler is about as good as a CM Hyper 212. You could get an really really good overclockable rig with a good cooler out of the box. I'm crossing my fingers because the PC market has so badly needed this competition.
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  10. erickmendes

    erickmendes TS Maniac Posts: 308   +107

    Picturing AMD as an War Puppet from Mad Max Fury Road throwing an ZEN spear on Intel yelling "WITNESS ME"...
    Anyway I'm hoping AMD can bring some competition... In the end Intel could still cut AMD in the good old price war.

    ANTEATER TS Rookie

    Not sure if Intel can cut prices, they still have the ATOM debacle to pay off, and the large market segment they lost on that bet.
    Desktops are dying, besides gamer's and some power users, lap top's or tablets are more convenient, have built it UPS so to speak, don't clutter the room.
    Desktop market in 2017 is back to what it was in 1997. Techies and Geeks, hard to spend tons of money chasing fewer and fewer users...
  12. Jack007

    Jack007 TS Booster Posts: 181   +42

    AMD is more or less dead. A comeback would be so miraculous that it wont be believable. Intel is too far ahead to catch up without some seriously crazy brain power to build a very good chip
  13. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 1,930   +758

    AMD, IMO, has that brain power in Lisa Su
  14. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 1,930   +758

    Professional users, specifically content creators and those using CAD and simulation are also well served by desktop workstations - at least for the time being.
  15. Jack007

    Jack007 TS Booster Posts: 181   +42

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