Nostalgia is red hot right now and companies like Arc System Works are capitalizing on the trend while the getting's good. The developer and publisher, who purchased rights to the Double Dragon series in 2015, recently announced a brand new entry that'll no doubt get retro gamers' juices flowing.

Details are a bit scarce as of writing although based on the teaser trailer above, we know that protagonists Billy and Jimmy Lee are back and up to their usual beat 'em up, 8-bit antics. There's both a story mode and two-player duel mode but it is unclear if the multi-player option is limited to local gameplay or if you'll be able to play with others online.

For fans of the series, Double Dragon 4 should feel familiar seeing as several developers that worked on the original games are involved in this new project including director Yoshihisa Kishimoto.

This is the first numbered game in the core series since Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone dropped in 1990. There have, of course, been several other spin-offs and crossovers involving the Lee twins, the most popular of which being Battletoads & Double Dragon.

Double Dragon Trilogy, a compilation of the first three arcade games, landed on Android, iOS and Steam in 2013.

Double Dragon 4 is scheduled to arrive on January 30, 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. To hold you over until then, the NES Classic Edition ships with Double Dragon II: The Revenge... that is, if you can find Nintendo's mini console. Inventory is still scarce although prices on eBay have dropped a bit to around the $170 or so mark.