The team behind popular Grand Theft Auto modding tool OpenIV recently announced that it is nearing completion on a mod that will bring Liberty City, the massive New York City-like map from earlier Grand Theft Auto games, into Rockstar’s latest franchise entry.

Details are scarce although according to the announcement, the team has been working on the mod since GTA V’s launch. We also know that Liberty City won’t replace Los Santos or Blaine County but will instead “appear across the sea” (presumably as a standalone city).

Because the team doesn’t have the rights to distribute Liberty City as their own work, the mod will automatically convert Liberty City from your existing copy of GTA IV into GTA V using a downloadable converter tool. Said tool, which includes some additional assets, will create a single-player DLC pack that’ll get installed into GTA V.

Multiplayer is unfortunately out of the question as Rockstar does not allow mods in GTA Online, the team says, and trying to do so will likely get you banned. The OpenIV gang also warns that you’ll need a lot of free space.

The mod will be released “as soon as possible” but in the meantime, this is all we have to go on… well, this and the teaser video embedded above.