If you've ever accidentally included the wrong username in a tweet, you'll know that it has the potential to be pretty embarrassing, especially if it's then quoted by someone with 20 million followers and who is about to become the leader of the free world.

Yes, Donald Trump's Twitter activities are once again under the spotlight after the President-elect sent out a quote from another user praising his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

"Ivanka Trump is a great woman with real character and class," wrote Seekonk, Massachusetts resident Lawernce Goldstein late on Monday. But instead of using the correct @IvankaTrump handle, he mistakenly wrote @Ivanka - the username of Ivanka Majic, a council worker from Brighton, England.

The mistake probably went unnoticed among the 160-ish followers Goldstein had at the time, but when the soon-to-be President quoted it, people noticed the error. Trump was live-tweeting his daughter's CNN interview on Monday night when he failed to spot the mistake. It's now been retweeted over 5000 times and has over 27,000 likes.

Majic, who has previously worked for the UK's Labour Party, said it was only when her husband texted her that she discovered Trump had mentioned her in a tweet.

"I came downstairs to check my phone, and I had so many notifications," she told the BBC. "It's very unusual to be speaking to both ITV (a British broadcaster) and the BBC 45 minutes into your day."

Majic says this isn't the first time someone on Twitter has used her profile name instead of Ivanka Trump's, though it's never come from such a high-profile account. She replied to the tweet, pointing out Donald Trump should take more care on the microblogging site while learning about climate change.