Elon Musk haphazardly said on Twitter back in December that he was fed up with traffic and intended to build a tunnel-boring machine “and just start digging.” He further quipped that the new company would be called “The Boring Company” with the slogan, “Boring, it’s what we do.”

Although Musk said at the time that he was actually going to do it, nobody really knew for sure if he was serious or not. Apparently, he was.

Musk on Wednesday again took to Twitter where he said exciting progress had been made on the tunnel front, adding that he plans to start digging in a month or so.

When asked where the tunnel will be located, Musk said “starting across from my desk at SpaceX. Crenshaw and the 105 freeway, which is five minutes from LAX.”

USA Today couldn’t have said it any better: if this were coming from anyone else, it’d be easy to pass it off as a joke. Considering that we’re dealing with a true entrepreneur that has helped shape online payments with PayPal, built a company in SpaceX that created reusable rockets and formed the world’s premiere electric automaker in Tesla, one would be foolish to dismiss Musk’s tunneling talk.

The timing here is also worth noting. It’s not uncommon for government red tape to significantly slow down – or even bring to a halt completely – public transit projects. Having met with President Trump on Monday, it’s entirely plausible that Musk made a case for his tunneling project to qualify for government funding.

Tunneling image courtesy North South Rail Link