Google only released its Pixel handsets in October last year, but, as is always the case with smartphones these days, rumors about its successor are already arriving. According to 9to5Google's sources, the Pixel 2 will come with improved hardware and waterproofing, while the company is also said to be releasing a budget handset alongside its flagship device.

As with the current Pixels, the Pixel 2 will reportedly sport one of the best cameras you'll find in a high-end smartphone. Sources say that Google wants it to have excellent low-light photography capabilities, and while the MP size won't be large, the phone will "compensate in extra features," which could include more shooting modes.

Many upcoming handsets are said to be waterproof or water-resistant, and it seems that the next Pixel will follow this trend. While the feature's inclusion is said to have moved from "definitely" to "on the table," it would be big surprise if Google didn't make the Pixel 2 shower-friendly, much like Samsung's Galaxy S7 series.

The handsets' chipset is still an unknown element. In all likelihood, the Pixel 2 will feature the latest Snapdragon processor, possibly the 835, but sources claims that some prototype models are being tested that use Intel chips.

These upgrades don't come cheap; the new phones are expected to be "at least" $50 more expensive than the current Pixels. But fans on a budget may have another option: a third device could be released alongside or just after the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 that has a much lower price-point. This "significantly cheaper" phone, referred to as the Pixel 2B, will have less powerful hardware and fewer features than its more expensive counterparts, and be primarily aimed at emerging markets.

We're unlikely to see the next Pixels until the fourth quarter of this year, so expect plenty of new rumors before then. Really, though, Google should just make sure that the Pixel 2 is problem-free, unlike many of the current Pixel handsets.