Linux software continues to rise in popularity. In fact, Linux is finding its way in operating hardware like desktops and servers, mobile devices, networking equipment, planes, and much more. That's why Linux administrators are in high demand, and becoming one is easier than you think. With the Complete Linux Mastery Bundle, you can crack the nuts and bolts behind this OS in as little as 33 hours.

With six comprehensive courses, this collection is designed to help you ace Linux administration from every angle. New to coding? No worries, this bundle comes with hands-on JavaScript training. That way, you'll be ready to tackle courses in Linux V7 and Eclipse IDE with a solid programming foundation. Once you've got your JavaScript training squared away, you'll dive into the essentials behind Linux administration, like installing Linux, creating new disk partitions, and more.

This training bundle will also help you prepare to take Red Hat's Certified System Administrator exam.

The Complete Linux Mastery Bundle usually retails for $1,770, but you can save big and pick it up on sale for only $39, saving more than 90% off its usual retail price.