In a hearing with the House Intelligence Committee Monday morning, FBI Director James Comey stated that the FBI has "no information that supports those tweets" made by President Trump concerning wiretaps made by then President Obama. Comey added that the Justice Department also has no information to back the allegations.

President Obama was quick to deny the claims after they were tweeted by Trump two weeks ago. Comey told the HIC that no president has the power to order a wiretap against anyone. NSA director Adm. Michael Rogers also said that there was no evidence that the British GCHQ conducted eavesdropping on Trump either.

The majority of the hearing centered around the Trump Administration's connections to Russia and Russia's interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. For the first time publicly, Comey confirmed that the FBI is actively investigating the case and any crimes that may have been committed. They are investigating links between the Trump campaign and Russian government as well as if there was any coordination between the two during the election.

Rogers described Russia's efforts in three categories which include actions harmful to the Clinton campaign, actions helpful to the Trump campaign, and spreading false information to discredit the American democratic process. The White House responded shortly after by saying no there is evidence of a Trump-Russia scandal.

Earlier this morning President Trump Tweeted:

Both the directors and the Trump Administration have been recently focusing on stopping the leaks of classified information. Comey called leaks to news outlets terrible.