The Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to be launched today at an event in New York at 10am EDT (8am PT, 4pm BST). We'll be updating this story ahead of the Galaxy Unpacked 2017 livestream going live (now streaming above), so you can watch the announcement here.

Update: This is the new Samsung Galaxy S8

With that said, this is possibly Samsung's worst kept secret ever, as everything about the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ has been leaked already, from design to price and specifications – even the user's manual with details on key features (see that further down below). Both phones will have curved edges and are expected to go on sale next month (April 21st or 28th, we'll know for sure soon).

The redesigned Galaxy looks more svelte than its well-regarded predecessor. There is no physical home button, and the whole front is wrapped around in glass with minimal bezels at the top and bottom. Depending on your location the Galaxy S8/S8+ will be powered by Samsung's own Exynos processor or the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC. The Galaxy S8 will be 5.8-inch while the Plus is expected to come in at 6.2-inch, both Super AMOLED with QHD+ display resolutions (2400 x 2960) and 18:9 aspect ratio. Other specs include 4GB or 6GB of RAM, a 12-megapixel dual pixel rear camera, and an 8-megapixel front camera, IP68 waterproofing, wireless charging, and 3000mAh / 3500mAh batteries. The devices will run Android 7.0 Nougat.

We liked the Galaxy S7 Edge a lot. Now Samsung has to deliver on finer details like software (including carrier restrictions and bloat), improved palm detection when holding the phone by the thin edges, durability, and so on.

Along with Apple's next-gen iPhone (expected in September), the new Galaxy is easily one of the most anticipated tech launches of the year. This year Samsung has not only to worry about the Android competition and getting ahead of the pack so it's still relevant by year's end when the new iPhone will be out, but it has to overcome its own wrongdoing after the failed Galaxy Note 7.

The Korean company will also be revealing the new and improved Gear VR headset that works with the S8/S8+ at the Unpacked event.

Just yesterday Samsung accidentally leaked the Galaxy S8 user guide, which lists many of the phone's key features. It's taken down since, but not before someone saved a copy, here it is courtesy of Phandroid:


  • Always On display - View various information, such as a clock or calendar, even when the screen is off.
  • Multi window - You can run two apps simultaneously without changing the screen. If you use the snap window feature, you can select an area and pin it to the top of the screen and use other apps or features in the lower window.
  • Edge screen - With various Edge panels, you can access frequently used features quickly and easily. You can also capture an area of content and share it with others.


  • Hello Bixby - View frequently updated content, such as the weather, reminders, and alarms, in one place. Hello Bixby analyses your usage patterns and provides suggested information, apps, and functions based on your routine.
  • Bixby Vision (image search) - Bixby Vision is an image search feature that lets you search for relevant information conveniently. Activate Bixby Vision and scan objects or locations with the camera to search for products online or nearby places. You can also translate detected text.
  • Reminder - Schedule notifications and to-do items or use location reminders. You can also create reminders from videos, images, or websites to view them later.
  • Bixby (intelligent voice assistant) - Bixby is an intelligent voice assistant that helps you use the device more conveniently. Press the Bixby key or say "Bixby." Bixby will respond to you. Start a conversation by talking or typing. Bixby will launch a function you request or show the information you want.


  • Iris recognition - The iris recognition feature uses the unique characteristics of your irises, such as their shape and patten, to strengthen the security of your device. You can use your iris data to quickly unlock your screen, verify your Samsung account, and sign into webpages and more.
  • Fingerprint recognition - A built-in capacitive sensor reads your fingerprint when you touch it from any direction. Use your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone and pay with Samsung Pay.
  • Face recognition - Unlock the screen using facial recognition instead of drawing a pattern or entering a PIN or password.
  • Secure Folder - Protect your private content and apps in Secure Folder. Photos, memos, and apps in Secure Folder cannot by accessed by others. You can also keep your private content and apps secure by hiding Secure Folder when the device is unlocked.
  • Samsung Pass - Register your IDs and passwords for websites to Samsung Pass and verify your identity securely via your biometric data, rather than entering your login information.


  • Experience the improved camera for taking photos. You can either take clear selfies with the front camera's smart Auto Focus (AF) feature and create various scenes with the various shooting modes and optimized filters.


  • Samsung Pay - Register your frequently used credit or debit cards to make quick and secure payments. Purchase items by simply touching your smartphone to any standard credit card reader.
  • Samsung DeX - Samsung DeX is a service that allows you to use your smartphone like a computer by connecting a smartphone to an external display, such as a TV monitor. You can your smartphone's features on a large screen conveniently by connecting an external display, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Samsung Connect - Connect to nearby devices, such as Bluetooth headsets or other smartphones, easily and quickly. You can also control and manage TVs, home appliances, and Internet of Things (IoT) products with your smartphone.
  • Samsung Cloud - Store important data such as images, videos, and apps, securely in Samsung Cloud and view it on other devices.
  • Bluetooth Dual audio - Stream audio from one smartphone to up to two Bluetooth headsets or speakers simultaneously. You can adjust the volume levels for each device independently, allowing users to listen comfortably.
  • An external memory card (microSD card) - A micro SD card allows you to expand your device's storage and lets you store more content, such as photos and videos.
  • Water resistant - The Galaxy S8 meets IP68 standards to ensure that it is water resistant. Now, you can use your smartphone in wet environments. You can your smartphone freely in various situations.
  • Connection with Gear - You can quickly connect your smartphone and Gear by using the Samsung Gear app. You can answer calls, receive messages, record your walking steps, or workout, measure your heart rate, play music, and more on the Gear.