It’ll let you in on a little secret about photography – virtually everything you see in a commercial capacity has gone through some form of post-processing enhancement.

While there are still plenty of photographers that strive to “get it right” in the camera, it can be nearly impossible to avoid a time-consuming run through Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop – especially if you’re going for an artistic, dramatic or otherwise unnatural effect.

Research from Adobe and Cornell University, however, may soon result in the minimization of how much time you’ll need to devote to post-processing such images.

The duo developed a technique called deep photo style transfer that builds upon recent work on painterly transfer. Simply put, the tool can seamlessly transfer the style of a source image – things like the time of day, weather, season and artistic edits – and apply them to a vastly different image.

For example, you could take a picture of a city skyline in brightly-lit, less than ideal conditions, feed the tool an image of a beautiful night skyline and have those ‘effects’ transferred over to your original image. It doesn’t sound all that impressive but the results above speak for themselves.

Adobe hasn’t said if it plans to bring the tool to one of its editing suites although as Engadget notes, if you’re running Linux, you can snag the necessary files from GitHub and take it out for a spin.