Ultrawide 21:9 monitors are growing in popularity. The displays, which are usually around the 34-inch or 35-inch mark, can offer unparalleled levels of immersion and an amazing gaming experience - providing you have a capable graphics card. But it seems Samsung wants to go bigger.

According to TFTCentral (via PC Gamer), the Korean company has plans to manufacture what is being officially called a 'double full HD' (DFHD) panel. It features a 32:9 aspect ratio, will be 49-inches across and boasts a resolution of 3840 x 1080 - essentially, it's like two 27-inch full HD displays next to each other, just without the bezels in the middle.

Not only is the DFHD panel huge, it will feature an 1800R curvature, making it curvier than many (but not all) Ultrawides. The great news for gamers is that it'll come with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz and support either G-Sync or FreeSync, depending on specific vendor implementation. It also uses VA technology, boast a 5000:1 static contrast ratio, and has a "3-side frameless design."

The display isn't the only one in Samsung's 'Grand Circle' format. It's also working on a 44-inch, 3840 x 1200 panel, with what it says is a 29:9 aspect ratio (though PC Gamer notes it's technically 32:10 or 16:5). Again, the panel uses VA tech, comes with an 1800R curvature, and should support G-Sync/FreeSync, but there will reportedly be both 60Hz and 120Hz versions available.

Production of both panels is set to begin in September, which means the retail units should arrive next year, giving you enough time to save up for what will undoubtedly be some pricey products.