Fitbit in early 2016 announced Blaze, the wearable company's first "true" smartwatch (except that it was more of a glorified fitness tracker than an honest-to-goodness smartwatch). Now, at least according to leaked images, it would seem that a proper smartwatch is in order.

Yahoo Finance managed to get its hands on renderings of what's allegedly known internally as Project Higgs.

As you can see, the wearable ditches the octagon-shaped chassis for a basic unibody square face. It'll reportedly feature a display with 1,000 nits of brightness, swappable bands, GPS and a heart-rate monitor as well as be able to play music from Pandora and facilitate wireless payments.

Rather than make the jump to Android Wear, Fitbit is apparently sticking to its homegrown operating system. This means there probably won't be an app store at launch; instead, expect to have to settle for just a handful of customizable apps - at least, early on.

Battery life is said to check in at around four days.

Yahoo notes that the wearable was originally slated to go on sale this spring but a series of production delays have pushed those plans back a bit. Sources now tell the publication that Project Higgs will arrive sometime this fall in the $300 range.

Fitbit also has a set of Bluetooth earbuds in the works - Project Parkside - that are said to be similar in design to the Beats X earbuds from Apple. Look for them to drop in "Lunar Gray" and "Nightfall Blue" colors for roughly $150.