A Reddit user with the handle Khemist49 recently purchased a lot on eBay that consisted of "a ton" of Blizzard games and memorabilia. When he received the shipment, he sorted through it and found a "gold master disc for StarCraft." This disk contains the source code for the game StarCraft.

After deliberating with other Reddit users, Khemist49 decided to do the honest thing and return it to Blizzard. That turned out to be a wise decision on his part because the game makers were so happy that they gave him a free copy of Overwatch plus a $250 credit in the Blizzard store. Not a bad haul for something that he had no use for, legally anyway, but it gets better.

The disc was produced in 1998 and at some point was stolen. How do we know this? Because that is what a Blizzard employee told Khemist49 on the telephone right before offering him "an all-expenses-paid trip to BlizzCon." He will also get dinner and drinks with the staff.

Apparently, they were not done with him though. According to VG24/7, the employee ended the call saying, "Oh, by the way, you should also be receiving something in the mail."

Sure enough, a couple of days later Khemist49 received a box containing a pile of Blizzard swag including an Overwatch branded keyboard, mouse, and headset, a Diablo III bottle opener, a Diablo III: Hardcover Blank Sketchbook, and other collectables.

To say that Blizzard was happy to get its long lost property back is probably and understatement, but it is nice to see that they made it right by him. He could have probably sold it for a relatively high price considering the amount of interest in the contents of the disk that was generated on Reddit.

Images by Khemist49